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Questions You Might Have Prior to Selecting a Pediatrician

Will Dr. Wayne see the baby in the hospital?

Dr. Wayne is affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center and The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ, however only sees newborns at Valley Hospital.  Babies born at other hospitals  or at Hackensack University Medical Center would use house pediatricians in their respective hospitals.


When is the first visit in the office?

Typically, we like to see newborns 2-3 days after leaving the hospital.  In some instances, we need to see the baby within one day of leaving the hospital, especially if they are discharged early from the hospital.  


What is the schedule of routine well visits?

You can see our entire schedule here, including the schedule of routine vaccinations.


What is your vaccine policy?

We have a very strict vaccine policy, and all of our patients must receive their vaccines on the recommended schedule.  You can read our vaccine policy here.


How do we get in touch with the doctor after office hours?

After hours and on weekends, we share coverage with several other terrific pediatricians.  If you have an urgent matter, you can reach our answering service by calling our regular office number.  The answering service will then page whichever doctor is on call for that day.


What if I have a non-urgent matter?

Non-urgent questions can be answered in several ways.  You can always call us during office hours and leave a message with our staff, or leave a message in our non-urgent voicemail box.  You can also send a secure message through the Patient Portal, which is a very useful tool and is accessible for all parents.


What happens when Dr. Wayne is on vacation?

Ahead of a planned vacation, patients receive email and text notifications.  There is always a pediatrician that is available to answer calls for our patients and you can reach them through our answering service.  If your child needs to be seen for a non-emergency, we recommend using PM Pediatrics urgent care.


Does Dr. Wayne accept my insurance?

We accept most major insurance plans, but you should always check with your insurance company to verify that we are in network.  We do not accept any of the NJ Family Care plans.


Do I have to register with the practice prior to my child being born?

No.  There is no need for any prior registration.  If your baby is born at The Valley Hospital, you would inform the staff that Dr. Wayne will be your pediatrician, and they would notify the doctor when the baby is born.  If your baby is born at another hospital, you can reach out to our office within one day of being discharged from the hospital so that we can schedule the baby’s first appointment in the office. If that is the case, you should bring the discharge summary from the hospital pediatrician and your insurance card to the first visit.  


Best of luck to the expectant parents!

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